Hollywood Flat


The Hollywood Flat project is from my first studio course I took in school. With Rising Star as the concept, a luxurious, two-bedroom flat is set to be located in a Hollywood high-rise.

A rising star embodies someone who fits the demographic of a the Hollywood lifestyle. This person is in a transitional period of their life, rising to success in what is likely the entertainment, film or music industry. When I was developing the concept, I wanted to create a space that showcased success, professionalism and an environment for entertaining. These words lead me to a modern stylistic choice, paired with old Hollywood accents. To represent the transition of this rising star, each room (starting from public spaces and ending in the master bedroom) gets progressively more detailed and ornate.

P2_Elements&Principles RE-EDITED.jpg
P2_Floorplan RE-EDITED.jpg
P2_Elevation_3 RE-EDITED.jpg
P2_Elevations5 RE-EDITED jpg
Perspective 2.jpg
Perspective 3.jpg