10 Times Scalloped Tile Rocked a Room

10 Times Scalloped Tile Rocked a Room

Scalloped tile is a trend that has recently entered my Pinterest feed and I am so happy it DID! The shape is inherently unique and adds so much value to a design. When I see a scalloped tile or wallpaper, my mind goes to one of three very different and random things: dollhouse shingles, fish scales and Moroccan tile. Where the pattern really originated from, I don’t know. But I do know how much I love it in the following designs:


The use of scalloped tile in this bathroom is beautiful! The dark grey color of the tile paired with the brass accents and European curves of the fixtures gives this room an eclectic mixture of old and new.

Design: Rosa Beltran at Homepolish, Inc.


This bathroom was designed by one of my favorite designers, as well as the queen of BOHO, Justina Blakeney! She remodeled this bathroom for her parents’ home and was inspired by spa trips she would take with her mother and sister. She wanted the room to feel both earthy (warm/terra-cotta tones) and luxurious (jade/gold accents).

Design: Justina Blakeney


Emily Henderson never disappoints when it comes creating a timeless look that also has a bit of an edge. Famously known for her spokesperson role in Target Home, she also runs an amazing interior blog full of fun articles. Her designs always have an eclectic and vintage flare to it that is just one of a kind.

Fun Fact: My boyfriend surprised me by getting my copy of her book Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves signed at one her rummage sales. He sure knows the way to my heart!

Design: Emily Henderson


The Musket Room is a humming restaurant in the heart of Manhattan, New York. Inspired by the Chef, Matt Lambert, and his historic origin, New Zealand, rustic elements were paired with mid-century furniture to create an elegant restaurant.

Design: Alexander Waterworth Interiors


No other place makes me more excited about design than Paris! The stunning cafe Le Nemours has been mentioned in many travel blogs. The design is absolutely beautiful and features a stunning contrast of dark blue velvets, marble tiles, and wood scalloped walls.

Design: Michael Malapert


The design of this retail shop is so stunning and grand! Designed by a Japanese architecture firm, the shop displays their luxury footwear on scalloped shelves. While not technically tile, the designers utilized the scallop shape in a way that is highly functioning and brilliant.

Design: Kengo Kuma & Associates


“The Breeze Block House” was remodeled with the intention of becoming an Airbnb property. I couldn’t find the link to the listing, but I am dying to know what coast this bungalow sits on. Designed by H & G Designs, this coastal beauty features a charming backsplash of scalloped tiles ranging in blues and greens.

Design: H & G Designs


WOLF is a restaurant in Singapore and it stars a stunning ceiling display of gold scallops. You can’t help but look up and see the alluring lights of the restaurant being reflected in corrugated metal tiles.

Design: The Stripe Collective


This stunning staircase is in the Tate Britain Museum in Millbank, London, UK. The staircase was remodeled in November 2013 by Adam Caruso. This intricate marble detail in the flooring and railing is something to awe over as guests peruse throughout the museum.

Design: Caruso Saint John Architects


Remember how earlier I said that scallop tiles remind me of fish scales? Well that seems appropriate now when admiring a seafood restaurant! Rich blue scalloped tile is used as the backsplash and bar wall of Langoest, a seafood restaurant in the Netherlands.

Design: Horeca Sfeermakers

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