Design Reveal : Alexander Wang Office

Design Reveal : Alexander Wang Office

As the third project of my studio class this year, this was a fun, challenging and experimental project! We were assigned an office to design and given the freedom to select a fashion designer to design it for.

The project called for the design of a working studio for a fashion designer where the staff could have an environment that promotes team interaction and direct access to the sewing and production room. The fitting area would be visited by clients and models and needed to be near the sample room. The sample room is where buyers will come to see the new products, which needed to be near the public areas for easy access. Common areas needed to be easily accessible for the entire staff. The finished ceiling height is 20’-0” a.f.f.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 9.45.27 AM.png

Given the bones of the space along with the square footage, adjacency and function requirements, I was ready to begin my project.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 9.46.21 AM.png

I chose Alexander Wang as my fashion designer, because I wanted to design a space that was young, hip and edgy. Wang’s fashion is known for being cutting edge and minimal, while making a statement at the same time. I thought that all of those elements would make a unique and fun office environment. Below is the concept statement: Alexander Wang’s fashion focuses on structure rather than color. Structure is made up of geometric objects, which are connected with structural lines. Two types of surface activity within structure is pattern & texture, two elements that will form the design of his office. Warm and cool colors will be used minimally to provide balance.

Alexander Wang Concept.jpg




First Floor Plan Turn In.jpg
Second Floor Plan Turn In.jpg
RCP 1 Turn In.jpg
RCP 2 Turn In.jpg


Stair Elevation Turn In.jpg
Fitting Room Elevation Turn In.jpg
Kitchen, Mothers, Assistant Elevation Turn In.jpg
Human Resources Elevation Turn In.jpg


Stair Seating Perspective 1.jpg
Stair Seating Perspective 2 Turn In.jpg
Conference Room Perspective Turn In.jpg
Fitting Room Perspective Turn In.jpg
4 Designers Perspective Turn In.jpg
Head Designer Perspective.jpg
Kitchen Perspective Turn In.jpg
Cafe Perspective Turn In.jpg

I made the decision to use SketchUp make for this project instead of hand draw it like my previous projects. Many factors played into that decision, but the main reason was time. We were only given five weeks to complete this project from start to finish and I wanted to be able to render it with a high level of detail. Drawing would have limited me to minimal detail due to the time restraints.

Like I said earlier, this project was very experimental for me. It was definitely a learning lesson. There are certain design elements that I love and others I would change in the future. But I think that as an overall project, the client would be pleased. I am excited to design more offices in my future, because I really enjoyed this project.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading! I always love sharing my projects with you. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Until next time!



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