Design Reveal : Havana

Design Reveal : Havana

My first complete restaurant design! I can’t tell you guys how excited I was for this project. Restaurants and hotels are where I want to head in my design career so this project was the ultimate test for me, and I passed. I absolutely loved working on this project and I can see myself working on restaurants full-time.

This was my second project in Studio 2 and we only had five weeks to complete it. Were given the shell of the restaurant below (sorry for the low quality).

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 8.08.21 AM.png

We were expected to come up with a concept, three final design elements, a floor plan in 1/4” scale, a reflected ceiling plan in 1/4” scale, 2-3 elevations in 3/8” scale, 2-3 perspectives, and a material board. It was understood that we were not to design the kitchen or restrooms since we were pressed for time and that those spaces were not included in the space that she gave us (they were floating somewhere to the left). Below were the client’s requests:

  • Entrance/Host Station

  • Main Server Station (14 l.f. of counter)

  • Direct access to kitchen (double doors-one in/one out)

  • Waiting Area (seating for 4 people min.)

  • 2 Busing Stations (6 l.f. of counter) These are in addition to the Main Server Station (14 l.f.)

  • Bar Area (this area requires a change in level of 12” above or below the rest of the restaurant-must be accessible)

  • Seating for 6 min. at bar

  • Seating for 8 min. at cocktail tables

  • Main Dining 70 seats – min. 20% booths ideal

Below is my overall concept, where I explain what my restaurant is, why it is and where the design will take us. Incase you are reading on this a mobile and can’t read the text below, here it is: Havana bring the Cuban charm to the cuisine and environment by pulling from the nation’s tasteful history, which is known for having a beautiful Art Deco influence. Blending both the polished, lavished elements of Art Deco with the charming, weathered buildings of Cuba, a modern antiquated concept is born, built on the principles of symmetry, hierarchy, geometry, and curve.


Cuba really inspires me, because the U.S. and Cuba have been working together to have a better relationship, thank you Obama. Also, Cuba is a melting pot of culture, food, music, and architecture. All of the images above showcase Art Deco in actual Cuban buildings. The images below are inspiration pulled from Pinterest.


I hope you enjoy!

Floor Plan.jpg
Elevation 1.jpg
Elevation 2.jpg
Perspective 1.jpg
Perspective 2.jpg
Perspective 3.jpg
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