Shop : Target Fall

Shop : Target Fall

It’s the first day of OCTOBER !

In honor of this special day, I went ahead and selected my Fall-Faves from Target . I personally don’t like to get too themed when Halloween rolls around, because I want my decor to last me ALL Fall. Don’t get me wrong, I like me some pumpkins and candy. But my favorite part of this time of year is welcoming in all of the harvest colors. I also like to put my own spin on it, like I did here, by adding some greens and pinks into the mix. I like to keep the patterns simple and throw in some wool for texture!

This is my current wishlist :

  1. Vase Green - Project 62

  2. Esters Wood Arm Chair - Project 62

  3. Velvet Exposed Zipper Throw Pillow - Project 62

  4. Vase White - Threshold

  5. Lewes Tufted Sofa - Black - Threshold

  6. Mid-Century Modern 27” Ceiling Lamp - Gold - ZM Home

  7. Library Single Hook - Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

  8. Cream Moroccan Wedding Shag Tufted Area Rug - Project 62

  9. Solid Textured Throw Pillow - Project 62

  10. Wreath Dried Wheat - Threshold

  11. Decorative Tray Speckled - White - Threshold

  12. Kitchen Towel Set of 2 - Blue - Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

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Design Reveal : Havana

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Design Reveal : Solution to Homelessness