Back to School

Back to School

Happy Friday friends! 

With Summer coming to a fast close, I thought I would write a post about making the 'Back to School' season a bit easier and more stylish! I also found this topic appropriate since I start school on August 28th and I get to pick up on my Interior Design courses (YAY) !

I just love these dorm looks by Urban Outfitters _/\_ ! I enjoy collecting cards, polaroids, colorful graphics, and magazine cutouts to hang on the wall above my desk, because there's no better way to stay inspired when pulling 8 hour homework sessions. When it comes to a career like Interior Design, one spends a lot of time on their laptop, researching merchandise, creating mood boards, and 3D modeling in SketchUp or AutoCAD. As a result, it can be very difficult to resist dry eyes or growing sleepy. So it's important for me to have colorful and lively objects at my desk. 

One tip that will make your life a HECK of a lot easier is called cord control! I don't know about you, but nothing is more annoying than when I sit down at my desk and my feet get tied up in the tangled mass of cords benneath. Or when I need to plug my laptop in and the extension cord is wrapped and tangled by other cords. 

 There are these things called cord clips and they allow you to clip your cords behind your desk. They sell many different shapes and colors, allowing you to attain that clean look. If you don't want to invest in cord clips, there's always binder clips. The image on the right is a clever example of how binder clips can be improvised and pin away those pesky cords.

Agendas, Agendas, Agendas! They are life! 

Everyone needs an agenda, so why not get one that will look cute in your room? The image on the left is a cork notebook that I got from Target, and I fell in love. I am a huge fan of cork products, in fact, I have a post about it, and the binding is so large that it made turning the pages very easy. I know, that's an unusual thing to like about a notebook, but it just feels so good in your hands.

The image in the middle is an adorable notepad from the Rifle Paper Co., and I'm such a supporter of lists. This coming semester, I'm going to invest in getting a notepad for my desk, because I always write to-do lists in my notebook, which gets left in my bag most of the time. I need as many outlets for my random, quirky ideas as possible!

The image on the right is an adorable denim notebook from and is currently on my shopping list! 

As much as I believe that inspirational imagery is important to a desk, so is a lamp! Desk lamps add so much personality to a desk depending on which style you go for. Target and Allmodern have some really great options for table lamps, but I am currently obsessed with the West Elm lamps in the middle image. They are on SALE and super adorable!

Another great way to liven up your desk is with actual life! Plants are the perfect accessory for any desk. And, if you're forgetful in watering your plants like myself, then having them on your desk will be a great reminder ;)

These three tote bags are from Madewell because I'm 'totes' obsessed with Madewell at the moment! If backpacks aren't your thing, than tote bags are a great alternative. These ones have a thick leather strap, perfect for lugging around textbooks. 

Here are some other fun 'Back to School' products that I found! I hope you guys enjoyed and if you liked any of these products, you can shop them by clicking on their images.

I wish you guys a happy School Season!

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