5 Most Industrial Sconces

5 Most Industrial Sconces

I am in the process of moving in with my boyfriend and this is a really exciting time in our relationship! We get to combine both of our styles into one that's going to define the look of our first place together. This is something for couples that can either be really difficult or is a walk in the park!

So far it's going really, really, really well for us and I'll tell you why!

I found out that the best way to get my boyfriend to describe his style to me was to take him on a date to IKEA! I recommend this to any couple because the store naturally makes you walk by EVERYTHING, whether you like it or not. During this trip through IKEA, he was able to point out which things he liked, which things he didn't like, and why. We were also able to discuss our budgets and what we were willing to spend on a place that we could finally call our own. That experience had turned out to be a great starting point for us, because we landed on a style that fit both of our personalities and we did it together!


I've been looking for the perfect sconces to place on both sides of our headboard. I just can't decide, there are just too many options that I love. Because I love them so much, I wanted to share them with you guys!

I've selected 5 of my favorites and listed them down below. If there are any that you guys would like to buy or find more information about, you can simply click on the photo and it will direct you to the page.

( P.S. I'm leaning towards #4 )



1. Black Antique Wrought Iron Wall Sconce - $34.99

2. 2-Pack Wall Industrial Sconces - $53.99

3. CLAXY Ecopower Edison Antique Glass Wall Sconce - $44.99

4. BAYCHEER HL416426 Vintage Industrial Wall Sconce - $49.99

5. Edison Bulb Lamp Wall Sconce - $99

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