Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Over the years, I have discovered a few tips and tricks when it comes to my room and I want to share them with you!

Tip 1 :

A clean room equals a clean mind! I know that the last thing you want to do in the morning is make your bed, but if you can make it a habit, I promise you that your day will start off better. Where I get into trouble is picking out 3 or more outfits with out giving myself enough time to put them away. So I just end up letting them sit on my floor until I come back from school or work... NOT good! I find that my mind is so much more relaxed and clear when I leave my room neat and worry free. 

Tip 2 :

Don't slip Chocolate Chip! If you have a reading chair, or a sofa of any kind, in your room, the most annoying thing can be when the cushions don't stay on. You can try to keep them on, but they're just going to fall right off again. What can you do to fix this? You can fix this by taking a rug pad, those rubbery looking things that go under rugs, and place it under your cushions. They cost next to nothing and are a major stress reliever!

Tip 3 :

Get an area rug! My boyfriend and I just got an area rug for underneath our bed and it was such a great decision. We were a little hesitant to getting one at first, because we thought our money could go to something more useful, like a shelf. But I have to say, our rug is my favorite item in our room. It sits right beneath our bed and pops out a little, creating a border around our bed. This in nice for 3 reasons: It is soft on our feet when we wake up, it completes the room, and it separates our bed from the room. What's extra nice about separating our bed from our room is that we both are designers and our office IS our bedroom. So when it's finally time to clock out and get into bed, we feel like we are separated from our room/office and can actually relax.

Tip 4 :

Don't be afraid of plants! I know it can be intimidating to get a plant, because it entails a lot of responsibility. I know, it's hard enough being an adult and the last thing any of us want to worry about it watering plants. But there ARE plants that are impossible to kill! My go to plants are succulents and cacti. They're hip and literally require no effort on your part. OR... I always advise my friends to look into getting artificial plants! Target has some pretty darn convincing ones I must say.

Tip 5 :

Hang up some photos! I find that it's so nice to walk into my room and see photos of my friends and family. It's especially nice if I'm having a hard day, because my spirits are instantly uplifted when I'm reminded of my loved ones.

Tip 6 :

Include something personal! Place and item in your room that has sentimental value to you. It can be anything that makes you feel a certain way, remember a memory, or is inspiring and motivational. For me, it's this Aztec yarn hanging that I bought from an antique store in Cherry Valley. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of the experience and it brings a smile to my face.

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