Valentines Day - Romantic Setting

Valentines Day - Romantic Setting

Still aren't sure what your plans are for this upcoming Valentines Day? How about a cozy night in with yummy take-out and Netflix?

I know what you're thinking... This is something you two could do any night of the week. But with just 5 easy steps, you can transform your average movie night in into a beautiful, romantic setting that'll be sure to make your loved one feel special!

1. Lay down a cozy blanket on the floor 

2. Throw in some pretty pillows for extra comfort

3. Create warm lighting by spreading out some candles & stranding pretty string lights across the blanket

4. Stock a tray with movie night essentials whether that be chocolates, glasses, drink of choice

5. Throw in some special valentine themed items

Here are some of my personal favorite products:


Urban Outfitters - Heart String Lights - $16

IKEA - Ofelia Blanket - $19.99

Anthropologie - Dappled Glass Votive Set - $20

Anthropologie - Spring's Eden Matches - $6

Target - Macrame Throw Pillow - $24.99 (currently on sale for $22.49)

Target - Faux Fur Throw Pillow 18"x18" - $24.99 (currently on sale for $22.49)

Target - Gold Foil Throw Pillow - $19.99

Anthropologie - Petal Confetti Push-Pop - $14

Urban Outfitters - Lucky Pizza Card - $5.50

Anthropologie - Gilded Rim White Wine Glass - $22

Urban Outfitters - Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm Tube - $8.00

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